Vroom is an international based interactive theatre design studio consisting of a female-led artist duo Erin Guan & Sourrain. Their work builds a cultural bridge across the cities of diverse London, magical Shanghai and electric Taipei.

‘Connection’ and ‘human’ are two words they stand by in their design process. Coming from a diverse educational and cultural background, they approach their design in attempts to bring humanity back to communication, specifically story telling, between the people and the tech.
Vroom stands for ‘portal’, the connection tunnel bridging between technology and live performance. Erin & Sourrain like to describe themselves as ‘theatre savvy’ tech artist-duo as they are both designers for live performances ranging from traditional Taiwanese opera to contemporary dance and experimental devising theatre. The studio works across multiple media for a range of clients ranging from those in the theatre industry to commercial events. Vroom specialises in interactive experience in XR theatre performance, animation and video.

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Ars Electronica, 2020
Exhibited the work-in-process graduate artwork in The Kepler's Garden Project

Digital FUTURES World, 2020
Exhibited in WebVR- Participatory immersive environments

Monday Nov 5 2018